A Landmark in sustainability

Neubau eyewear presents eyewear models made from 100% bio-based materialusing 3D printing technology

In 2020, Austrian eyewear manufacturer neubau eyewear will be redefining the production of its sustainable models and therefore achieving another milestone on its path to sustainability: in the future, the label will be using a method that produces glasses from a 100% bio-based material – natural3D – that will be exclusively used with 3D printing technology.

From seeds to sunglasses

The base of natural3D is an oil extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant, which neubau eyewear has been using under the name of natural PX since 2017. natural PX consists of 65% castor oil and is used for injection-moldedpolymer spectacles to produce particularly light and flexible frames.

And now with natural3D, for the first time it is also possible to use an entirely natural material in the 3D printer. Layer by layer, this method is positioning neubau eyewear as a true sustainability trailblazer.

To begin with, four optical frames and three sunglasses models made from the 100% bio-based material –including the Special Edition 2020 –are in the pipeline for April. A malleable titanium needle will be integrated into the 3D-printed models to comfortably adapt the temple arms to the wearer.

Three-dimensional sustainability

Eyewear production using 3D printing is a real success story for neubau eyewear: its high-tech production is particularly resource-efficient because layers of powdered plastic are fused together using a laser and any residual material is reused. As a sustainability pioneer in the eyewear sector, neubau eyewear has already launched several models with 3D applications in the past – but not yet a complete model. This is set to change in 2020 with the release of the natural3D styles.

Under the management of Global Brand Director Daniel Liktor, neubau eyewear combines the fresh spirit of young, creative minds with longstanding expertise and sustainable production. The brand is an offshoot of the successful Silhouette International group from Austria and benefits from its parent company’s decades of know-how. Its products therefore meet the highest quality standards with a dynamic, progressive approach to technology and design.

Since 2017, neubau eyewear has been using natural raw material natural PX to make its extremely flexible and lightweight eyeglass frames,65% of which is based on an oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants. And in 2020, it is going one step further by using a 100% bio-based material – natural3D – and will be the first European brand to produce fully sustainable glasses using the 3D printing method.

See & do good

To this young Austrian eyewear brand sustainability has always been more than just another fad. Neubau eyewear is staying true to its motto: SEE & DO GOOD. For the company this means to engage with one’s environment and surroundings, with respect and awareness. This awareness also extends to the production of our frame accessories. All our accessories for neubau eyewear frames are manufactured with the same view to utility and ecology.

The neubau case for all natural PX frames is manufactured from a cellulose base and without any need for glue, which makes it easily recyclable; the cleaning cloth is made from recycled plastic bottles and is packed only in recyclable paper. Even the marketing materials distributed at the point of sale are produced with selected materials by suppliers who respect the environment.

Latest collections

Theo & Max 3D, neubau’s latest optical frames offer a stunning and playful two-tone look that is guaranteed to be this season’s must-have accessory – whether you’re a glasses wearer or just looking to add an extra touch to your look.

Both models are characterised by contrasts of vibrantly coloured 3D applications against elegant silhouettes of stainless steel, cleverly merging neubau’s flair for urban style and forward-thinking innovative design.

Inspired by eyewear fashionistas from the 60’s, ladies’ model Max 3D is a jaw-dropper; the stand-out cat eye shape with its extravagantly curved silhouette adds a feminine flair – a twist on an already popular look for sunglasses. This delicate frame adds softer lines to facial features, particularly those with heart, square or oval-shaped faces. Max 3D, sophisticated yet feminine, is available in a versatile array of shades including Lavender, Black ink matte, Roasted Berry, Glorious Gold, Black Coal and Rose Matte.

Theo 3D follows in Max’s retro-inspired footsteps with a frame reminiscent of 80s eyewear styles. A sporty style with a fresh outlook, the strong angles of this eye-catching frame emphasis facial features – without being too severe. Theo 3D, contrastingly to Max, offers a more casual approach with colours such as Denim, Eclectic Silver and Evergreen, Glorious Gold, Morning Coffee and Gold.

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