We offer both NHS and private sight tests, which are £50

During our eye examinations, our expert optometrists will:

  • take a detailed history and symptoms;
  • thoroughly check the health of your eye from cornea to retina;
  • address your visual requirements for occupations, hobbies and driving; and
  • discuss their findings with you and answer any questions you may have.

Our average sight test lasts 45minutes for an adult but we do not believe in rushing your eye examination, and we will always give you more time if required.

Regular eye examinations can play a significant role in monitoring not just the health of your eyes but also your general health.

As the eyes are the only part of the body where blood vessels can be viewed directly; eye examinations can provide insights into conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  In fact, our eye tests can and have detected life-threatening conditions.  Where a concern is identified, we understand that getting the correct diagnosis and prompt treatment is vital.

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