We have  literally thousands of lenses to choose from

Lenses include: Daily, 2-Weekly, Monthly, Extended Wear, Myopia-Control, Coloured, UV-Protected, Hydrogel, Silicone Hydrogel and Rigid Gas Permeable lenses.  Additionally contact lenses can be for Single Vision, Monovision, Multifocal or a combination of the above.

We can get the best contact lenses to suit you, whatever your needs or previous experiences

We have successfully fitted first-time contact lenses to patients as young as 6 and over 80 and have been able to help many patients who told us they were not able to wear contact lenses or found them uncomfortable.

Contact lens fitting consultations are £50.  During the consultation we will teach you how to insert and remove contact lenses, check your suitability for different types of contact lenses, and assess a choice of lenses on the eye.  After your consultation we will also offer you a free contact lens trial.

Aftercare assessments are £50 and include checking your lenses are still fitting comfortably on your eye throughout the day, and that the front surfaces of your eyes are healthy.  We will optimise your prescription needs at every viewing distance. We also check you are still confident in caring for your lenses, and whether you would like to consider other contact lens options.

Free contact lens consultation

Once you’ve found the perfect option for you, if you order 3 or more months’ worth of soft contact lenses between visits, your next contact lens consultation will be free.

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We are confident we can support you with all your eye care needs.