We will find the right prescription for you

Once we have found the right prescription for you, we can support you in choosing frames and lenses, as well as ensuring the frame is adjusted to your needs: no more nose-pads digging in or glasses that constantly slip down your face.  We will ensure your lenses give you optimum vision where you look, and not just through the middle of the lens, to allow for clear and comfortable vision.

Our high quality lenses include single vision (for one viewing distance), bifocals, trifocals, occupational lenses and several varifocals.  We do not believe in cutting corners where your vision is concerned.

The practice boasts a huge range of eyewear products to suit each individual and we continually update our stock. As well as traditional frames (rimless, full-rim and supra); we also supply leisure and occupational eyewear, such as loupes for detailed work, bird-watching telescopes and prescription swimming goggles.

If you have glasses you absolutely adore and want to keep, we can reglaze suitable frames you already own.

Vision Aid Overseas

If you have old glasses that you no longer want, please bring them in as we send them off to Vision Aid Overseas.  Vision Aid Overseas is an international charity dedicated to providing glasses and eye care to the poorest people around the world.  It is a charity close to our hearts and one we actively support: Robert has traveled to Ethiopia and Uganda, while Jean has traveled twice to Zambia to help set up clinics for eye care and participate in outreach programmes to provide glasses for those in need.

Over 1 billion people worldwide cannot see properly simply because they need glasses, and 80% of visual impairment can be prevented or cured.  The gift of spectacles is the gift of sight.  Good quality spectacles are given directly to those in the developing world that need them.  If they are very scratched or bent (‘well loved’), the metal, plastic and lenses are recycled to provide much-needed funds to support the charity’s work.

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We are confident we can support you with all your eye care needs.